NORWAY summer 2023
July 8 -14 (Sat-Fri) Oslo-Bergen

You can extend your trip with a tour - Northern Norway, musk oxen and the Lofoten Islands - July 15-23 (Sat-Sun) Bergen - Tromsø
What awaits us on the journey?
See the fjords and ...
During these six days we will completely immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of Norway. We will see the famous wooden Norwegian houses, multi-colored, cozy, ideally inscribed in the natural landscape, with grass roofs and white lace shutters. We let's try all kinds of northern berries.

We can meditate on the rocks and breathe in the north wind. You and I will look out for elks and ravens, we will walk along the path of trolls and be sure to give life to one of them (we will bild it from stones and create a mountain guardian angel for ourselves).
On this journey, we will sit by the fire and look at the stars, tell different stories, if the soul asks - to sing songs :) We will drink water from mountain rivers and enjoy the local northern cuisine.

Of course, we will stand over the fjords and cross them by ferry. If we're lucky, we'll see funny seals, and if you want to try fishing, you can arrange that too!

Our Norway will be in slow northern rhythm. Beautiful, a little cold and filled with freedom and lightness of thought.
Where will the paths take us?
The most amazing natural places in the northern country


Feel free to ask us any questions :)
    7 days (6 nights)
    Our trip is designed for 7 days and 6 nights, if you want to stay in Oslo longer, you can do it before or after the program (at your own expense)
    We are waiting for hiking of different difficulty levels, long and short, the longest hike is 22 km
    Chalets and apartments
    We will spend the night in different houses and chalets along the route

    Traveling by car + hiking

    We will move by car from one point of the route to another, we will cross by ferry, we'll see the passes and walk a lot
    Oslo - Bergen
    We arrive in the capital of Norway and finish in couzy Bergen. Departure city to Oslo does not matter
    7-9 people
    We prefer to travel in small groups so that each traveler is comfortable and we can always make time for you


1590 euro per person

Prepayment for early booking 10%
Prepayment 50% (paid 6 months before the trip, non-refundable 2 months before departure) at the rate at the time of payment for the tour
Full payment for the tour 2 months before the start


  • All travel expenses (car rental, toll roads, ferries, fuel, car insurance)
  • Accommodation in cozy mountain houses
  • Full support at all stages of the journey
  • Photo report

Not included

  • Flight
  • Food
  • Insurance
  • Visas


We gather the whole group in Oslo.

If you arrive in the morning, you will have more time to see the city.

Have dinner at a restaurant and get to know each other :)


Meet the morning in Oslo.

Before 12:00 we can walk around the city.

After lunch we start towards our first goal - a pea-shaped stone called Kjerag. On the way, we will see cozy red wooden Scandinavian houses, neatly located on the forest edges. Lakes and rivers, be sure to take pictures with the sign "beware of moose!" and, perhaps, we will see those very beautiful Norwegian moose. We will pass stone fields and mountainous areas, see many sheep and taste northern berries

In the evening we arrive at a very beautiful mountain house above the fjords.

Rest, get ready for trekking. Getting to know each other better :)



We are waiting for a very beautiful trekking to Kjerag. Many years ago, this stone was stuck between two sheer cliffs above the fjord at an altitude of 1000 meters. Every year, many people come to this place to test their courage and take a step above the abyss.

This hike is for several hours. We are waiting for incredible views, high sheer cliffs and a real overcoming of fear (only for the bravest). The end point offers a crazy view of the fjord, blue water and endless expanses that Norway is so famous for.

After lunch, we return to the car and drive towards the next point - the famous Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen)

In the evening, like real Norwegians, we will cross the big water (by ferry) and spend the night on the other side of the fjord. On this day we will stay in cozy mountain apartments. We will talk, cook dinner and discuss the impressions of the past day
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Paul
Photo by Leo
Photo by Kolya
Photo by Mohd
Photo by Fabrice
Photo by Alex
Photo by Oliver



On this day, we will climb Preikestolen. The route is not difficult and very beautiful.

Trekking takes several hours, and in the final you will get amazing views. At Pulpit rock you feel majesty of nature as not at any other place in the world.

On this day, we will also take amazing photos and see the fjords from a bird's-eye view. Special pleasure - cup of hot tea on top of such a mighty rock.

After lunch, we will go down to the car and drive to our next point - we will move to Odda and the most famous sightseen in Norway, which is the dream of visiting for the all hikers of the world - Trolltunga

This evening we will stay in the houses in the mountains, where we will spend 2 nights.


We will wake up early in the morning and have the most epic trolltunga hike.

This is an incredible place and a must visit. We will walk all day, the length of the trip is several hours. We will not rush and we'll go at comfortable speed for everyone. We will enjoy the beauty of these places, make atmospheric photos and make stone trolls.

At the end of the journey, everyone will take an epic photo on the most famous rock in the world. This place is one of the most impressive on the planet.

In the evening we will return to our cozy mountain houses, we will cook dinner, drink tea and discuss this amazing day.

Photo by Jacob
Photo by Paul
Photo by Leo
Photo by Kolya
Photo by Mohd
Photo by Fabrice
Photo by Oliver
Photo by Alex


Full of wonderful impressions, we will go to Bergen. We will walk around the city, try norvegian food, visite local marcet and by very beautiful souvenirs.

We will find the most unusual graffiti and enjoy the old wooden architecture.

Those who wish can go on a whale safari :)


Say goodby to Norway
On this day, we say goodbye to the northern country and go home


  • Clothing

    Thermal underwear, T-shirts, fleece jacket, membrane jacket, hat, gloves, pants, socks for trekking
    (or sports)
  • Other

    Swimsuit, sunglasses
    Trekking poles
    Small backpack for hiking
  • The documents
    Passport (or other documents), cash (and card), telephone, health insurance
  • Shoes

    Comfortable trekking boots, preferably already tested on the routes.
  • Medications

    We take a first aid kit with us. Bring personal medications with you if you need them.
  • Personal hygiene

    Hygiene lipstick, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste


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