September 30 - October 6

Серфинг на Тенерифе, серфкемп Тенерифе, тур на Тенерифе с серфингом для начинающих

Отдых в Португалии отдых на Мадейре. Экскурсия на Мадейру в Фуншале

The most beautiful places in Madeira and scenic hikes in Madeira in the mountains




On this trip we:
Let's try
  • The freshest seafood: local lapas, sardines, octopus, squid, mussels, black swordfish, skipjack tuna...
  • Exotic fruits: annona, sweet mango, pitaya, tamarilla, granadilla and passion fruit
  • Original pastas and all kinds of baked goods
  • Green wine Vino Verde
Let's surf and swim
  • In the Atlantic Ocean (water about +21 degrees) on different beaches in Portugal
It will be interesting, we'll see
  • Cities: Sintra and Pena Castle, Nazaré, Lisbon, Cascais.
  • Beaches: Algarve, Ursa and several more beautiful beaches on the west coast
  • Let's walk the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail
  • Let's visit Benagil Cave and look into the "mouth of the devil"
Azenhas do Mar


1290 euro

Prepayment for booking a place 50% - non-refundable (if the tour is canceled later than 3 months before the trip)
Full payment one month before the trip
  • Accommodation in a villa with breakfast
  • All travel expenses (car rental, toll roads, fuel, car insurance)
  • Photo report
  • Full support every step of the way
  • 4 surfing lessons (2 hours each) - let's try two schools
  • Welcome dinner from the organizers at the villa
  • Photo shoot on the beach
Not included
  • Visa
  • Food (lunch and dinner)
  • Insurance
  • Air travel
Azenhas do Mar
Day 1
We arrive in Lisbon, check into an apartment and head off lightly to the liveliest and most delicious place in the city - the food market. This place provides the opportunity to try a variety of local dishes prepared by true masters of their craft. Here you can find anything you want, from fresh seafood and meat masterpieces to vegetarian finds with an interesting and beautiful presentation.

After lunch, we’ll set off to explore the city, wander through its most beautiful streets, climb to lookout points, take atmospheric photos, and be sure to take a ride on the yellow tram. The city captivates you, you want to understand and feel it. We walk the rest of the day. We go up to the observation decks and admire Lisbon in the sunset rays.

In the evening we will have dinner accompanied by sensual Fado (traditional Portuguese music)
Afterwards, we return to our apartment, discuss our plans again and look forward to the next day. Overnight in Lisbon
Day 2
First day of Surfing and dinner at the villa
Today we wake up, have breakfast at the bakery and head to the ocean. Portugal is an ideal country for surfing; it is not without reason that it is often called the wave capital of Europe. Our very first surfing lesson awaits us, we meet our instructor, learn the basics, get equipment and touch the ocean.

Afterwards we go to our villa, check in, take a shower and relax. Afterwards, we will have lunch at one of the wonderful restaurants on the coast.

We will spend this day on the beach, take photos, walk, and enjoy the atmosphere. And in the evening we will gather at a common table, and over dinner we will discuss our day and the most vivid impressions.

Throughout the training, we will make videos so that you can discuss your mistakes with the instructor.
Day 3
Second surfing lesson, Cape Roca and the most beautiful beach in Portugal - Ursa
Today we will consolidate the knowledge we received in our first lesson. The first half of the day is completely devoted to surfing.
Then we have lunch at a cool restaurant and set off to explore the coast. We are heading to the westernmost cape of Europe - Cape Roca. There are always a lot of tourists here, but this place is magnificent and has a real oceanic character, the winds often blow here, but if you go a little down the rocks, you can find secluded and very beautiful areas overlooking the endless water surface. From Cape Roca we head north along the coast to one of the most beautiful wild beaches in Portugal - Praia da Ursa. This place is magnificent, it breathes the wind and is washed with sea salt water. Coastal limestone cliffs of the most bizarre shapes play with the imagination. Here you want to linger and just sit on the white sandy shore, listen to the sound of the waves and the cries of the seagulls.

In the evening we prepare a grill in our villa, drink green wine, port, juices, water, beer (whatever you like best), chat and discuss the day.
Day 4
Seven Hanging Valleys Trail
  • Duration: 12 km
  • Difficulty: Easy

Today we will take a break from surfing to give our body some rest. We will devote this day to exploring a very famous and incredibly beautiful place - the Algarve. A hike along the Algarve coast will be a real highlight of our trip.

Red-red cliffs, blue-green waters that contrast perfectly with the golden sand of countless beautiful beaches, unique plants and deep caves, all this combines incredible and one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Portugal - the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail.

If the weather is good, we will have the opportunity to rent kayaks and swim to Benagil Cave. This place is unique, and you can only get inside by water.

The hike lasts all day.
We will also stop at local cafes and try delicious dishes.

After a busy day we return to our villa
Day 5
Third surf lesson and beach
In the morning we go surfing again. We learn, catch the wave, immerse ourselves in a culture that is new to us.
We will spend the second half of the day on the beach, enjoying delicious food in local restaurants, sunshine and great company.
October is the high season in Portugal. The water has warmed up since summer, and the sun is no longer so aggressive.
On this day we can hold a photo shoot on the beach, girls, take beautiful dresses with you, we will create magic. Boys, take your brutal beach looks :)
Day 6
Fourth surf lesson, Sintra and Nazaré
Today is our final day of training and we will go to another beach and try another school. We have deliberately added a new practice location and other instructors for you, so that you can compare and in the future choose the teaching style that will be closer to you.

After gaining new experience, we will go on an exciting journey through the cozy cities of Portugal.

Sintra and Pena Castle

The charming Portuguese city of Sintra is located in the middle of the Serra da Sintra hills, densely covered with centuries-old pine trees, under the shadow of which are hidden elaborate palaces, villas and the world-famous Pena Castle, painted in different colors. Sintra's historic center is renowned for its romantic 19th-century architecture, manors and villas, gardens, royal palaces and castles, resulting in the city being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At dawn

A small village located in the center of western Portugal. It has become known throughout the world thanks to the largest waves that come in October and disappear at the end of March. One of the stages of the World Cup of Surfing is held in Nazaré.
We hope we will be lucky enough to see giant waves that can reach up to 30 meters in height. Can you imagine this?
Day 7
Cascais, Devil's Mouth and Lisbon
Today we leave our villa and go to the cozy coastal city of Cascais. This is a port town on the ocean. Walking along its narrow ornate streets is incredibly pleasant, let's look at the souvenir shops, and drink a fresh pina colada. We will visit an amazing natural park with beautiful rocks and caves Boca do Inferno - literally translated as “The Mouth of Hell”, but many call this place “The Devil’s Mouth”.

This is a place where sea and land wage an endless duel, giving a mystical aura to this battle. It makes a particularly strong impression in winter. When the raging ocean hits the walls of the grotto with a roar, the water looks for a way out and splashes up in multi-meter “tongues”. We recommend being careful even in a light storm.

We will return to Lisbon around lunchtime. We will buy souvenirs and gifts, walk through the beautiful streets of the city, and have lunch in an atmospheric cafe.
Let's say goodbye to Portugal until our next exciting journey.
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