1990 EURO
NORWAY summer 2023
July 15 -23 (Sat-Sun)

Northern Norway, musk oxen and the Lofoten Islands
Bergen - Tromsø

The Lofoten Islands in Norway are a dream come true for many travelers. With their stunning scenery, breathtaking views and unique culture, the islands offer something for every tourist. From majestic mountains and fjords to picturesque fishing villages, the Lofoten Islands are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. On our tour of the north of Norway and the Lofoten Islands, you will see the most beautiful corners of this archipelago. We will climb the Reinebringen lookout, visit the famous Kvalvika beach and hike up the Segla mountain on the island of Senja and visit the Norwegian city with the shortest name.

Lofoten islands Senja mountain Segla Travel to Norway Tour to Norway
1990 euros per person
Prepayment for early booking 10%
Prepayment 50% (paid 6 months before the trip, non-refundable 2 months before departure) at the rate at the time of payment for the tour
Full payment for the tour 2 months before the start
  • All travel expenses (car rental, toll roads, ferries, fuel, car insurance)
  • Accommodation in cozy mountain houses (2-4 people per room)
  • Full support at all stages of the journey
  • Photo report
Not included
  • Food
  • insurance
  • Visas
Lofoten islands Senja mountain Segla Travel to Norway Tour to Norway

Visit the breathtaking island world of Lofoten in Norway. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience a unique culture on our Lofoten and Senja tour. Visit Tromso, Bergen and Trondheim, taste local cuisine and experience Nordic hospitality. Find the best accommodations in the region and plan your perfect Norway trip!

What awaits us on the journey?
Northern Norway and all the beauty of the Lofoten Islands
Do you want to feel the atmosphere of real Norway? Traveling to the north of this amazing country reveals the most amazing natural and cultural facets.
We are waiting for a bright and exciting journey that will be remembered for a lifetime and will give incredible memories and emotions.

Yes, yes, we will see the most beautiful cities in Norway, we will try to find musk oxen, we will discover the beauty of the Geiranger fjord, we will cross the Arctic Circle, we will fall in love with the Lofoten Islands and the incredible Senja and complete our journey in ancient Tromsø

This will be a real expedition. If you are ready for such adventures, then feel free to proceed to the program.

Discover the breathtaking island world of Lofoten and Northern Norway on a tour from Adventure Road. Admire the magnificent landscape of the archipelago and immerse yourself in the original culture.

where will the paths take us?
Are you ready to be surprised?
Fjords, Lofoten and Senja
We are waiting for the whole group in Bergen. Those who arrive earlier can take a longer walk around the city.

Bergen is not just the fishing village many people think it is, but a place full of creativity and art. Famous classical composers such as Edvard Grieg and Ole Bull both hail from this beautiful and cozy Norwegian town. Bergen is full of surprises, and one of the most unexpected is the vibrant street art that adorns the walls of the houses. From colorful murals to intricate patterns, if you set your eyes on it, you'll find more than a hundred different and varied graffiti by a variety of local and foreign artists. This unique art form adds to Bergen's charm and sets it apart from other northern cities. Whether you are a fan of street art or not, you can not help but admire the artistry and ingenuity of the artists who have left their mark on the city. With its unique blend of culture and creativity, Bergen is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits the city.

In the evening we have dinner together and get to know each other, discuss the trip plan, analyze the most important points.

Overnight stay in Bergen
Geiranger fjord
Before lunch, we have time to get to know the city better. We walk around the old center, go to the market and cozy shops with souvenirs and various cozy things for the home, look for graffiti lost on the walls of houses, and buy food in the store for part of the trip if we decide to cook together ourselves.

After lunch, our journey begins. Our goal today is the most picturesque fjord in Norway - the Geirangerfjord. There will be a lot of beauty along the way, we look, stop, and take pictures.

Did you know that the fjords are not rocks, but narrow, winding sea bays with steep shores that cut deep into the land. The length of fjords is dozens of times greater than their width, and in most cases the shores consist of cliffs up to 1000 m high. Most of the fjords were formed by tectonic activity caused by the sudden and abrupt shift of tectonic plates in the opposite direction. The edges of the plates, already compressed by the preceding opposite movement, break open, and the deepest faults are formed in these places, which then fill with seawater. Fjords can be incredibly deep - hundreds, sometimes thousands of meters.

We spend the night at Geiranger Ford.

p.s. In the evening you can try to fish (if you like it)
Geiranger Fjord and Troll Ladder
In the morning we will have a very picturesque trekking, we will go along a beautiful path to the observation deck, which will open up a breathtaking view of the entire fjord. It will be a nice start to the day. Let's look at the water, watch the ferries, take cool photos and breathe in the real northern air. Nature here charges with special energy.

After hiking, we get into the car and go to watch Trollstigen. Are you ready for a mind-blowing serpentine? Then LET'S GO!
The Troll Wall is one of the most beautiful and winding roads on the planet, and the view from the highest point will amaze you, we will feel at the edge of the world, above the clouds, above time.

In the evening we move to the place of spending the night, rest, share our impressions and prepare for the next day.
Musk oxen and Trondheim
Are you ready to search for animals that have seen mammoths and the Ice Age? On this day we go on a real hunt for tundra ships - musk oxen.

The only place in Norway where the musk ox lives is Dovrefjell National Park. Musk oxen have not always lived here. There is a version that during the ice age they lived in Asia, America and Europe, but later survived only in Canada and Greenland. Musk oxen were brought to the Norwegian national park Dovrefjell in 1932 from Greenland.
At the moment, musk oxen successfully live here and breed.

We will go out onto the path of the park and go in search of these giants. Whether we see them depends on our agility and luck. But the places where musk oxen live are incredibly beautiful, this is a real tundra painted with herbs and mosses, lichens and berries. Trust us, it will be a real adventure :)

p.s. Last time we were lucky to find a large herd of musk oxen with babies.

In the evening we go to our favorite northern city - Trondheim, wooden houses on stilts, colorful cozy streets, designer clothes shops and family bars make this city especially charming. We stay overnight in Trondheim.
The road to the islands, the Arctic Circle and Bodø
We will have the earliest breakfast and a long drive, but this does not mean that we will sit in the car all the time, we will drive through many beautiful places, stop, take pictures, enjoy.

In the middle of the way, we will stop at one important place - we will have lunch at the station where the Arctic Circle line is located, yes, many have never been so far north.

Toward evening we will arrive in Bodø, walk around the city, try to understand this sea port city, walk along the promenade and find unusual graffiti, which are quite a lot here. We will spend the night in Bodø.
Lofoten and Reinebringen. The first day
In the morning we will board the ferry and go to the town of Moskines, from which we will begin our acquaintance with the Lofoten Islands. On this day, an absolutely incredible and atmospheric town with the shortest name "O", the famous fishing houses - Rorbu and climbing Mount Reinebringen from where an incredible view of the entire archipelago opens up awaits us.

Hundreds of stone steps will lead us to the top, and the reward will be a breathtaking landscape. This observation deck is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. We will have time to enjoy the views and walk along the ridge.

We will spend the night on the islands
Lofoten. Fishing villages, mountains and sea.
We will devote the whole day to the fishing villages and cozy towns of the islands. We will move from one town to another and explore the streets, take pictures and just try to understand how people lived here before tourism appeared on the archipelago.

After lunch, we will make another exciting hike, we will go to the mountains to look at the islands from a height. We will make a magnificent mountain hike, at the end of which we will have the most beautiful sandy beach of the archipelago - Kvalvika.

In the evening we move to the place of spending the night and have dinner.
Senja Island and Climbing to Segla.
This day we will visit Senja island.

Senja is the second-largest Norwegian island. Amazing mountain peaks, fishing villages, coniferous forests - all these are the distinctive features of the island, which is sometimes called "Norway in miniature".

Senja is known not only for its beautiful fjords and snow-capped peaks, but also here you can see unusual pointed rocks - Dragon's Teeth, whose name in Norwegian sounds like Okshornan, which means “bull horns”.

An amazing view of the Dragon's Teeth opens from the Tungenese observation deck, which we will definitely visit. The panoramas are truly amazing: nature has created extraordinary tidal pools that reflect the bottomless Norwegian sky.

Closer to lunch we will reach the foot of Mount Segla. Here we will have an exciting hike to the crest of this amazing mountain. From the top there are stunning views of the island towns and big water.

In the evening we arrive to Tromso and walk around the city, exploring the northern capital.

Tromsø. Way home
Our final day in Norway.
We will walk a little more around Tromso and go to the airport.

We fly home, but do not say goodbye to the northern country, but say "see you soon."


    Thermal underwear, synthetic T-shirts, fleece jacket, membrane jacket, hat, gloves, pants, socks for trekking (or sports)
    Swimsuit, sunglasses
    Trekking poles
    Small backpack for going out
    The documents
    Passport (or other documents), cash (and card), telephone, health insurance
    Comfortable trekking boots, preferably already tested on the routes. If you do not know how to choose shoes, we have prepared this article.
    We take a first aid kit with us. Bring personal medications with you if you need them.
    Personal hygiene
    Hygiene pomade, sunscreen, toothbrush, wet wipes, paper tissues, toothpaste
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