New Year in the desert of Morocco
Morocco: December 29 - January 5
Incredible journey to another universe
Colors of Morocco
When we visited Morocco for the first time, we quickly realized that this country is completely different. This is another universe filled with miracles, beauty, hospitality closely intertwined with poverty and simplicity of life. Morocco has become a real discovery for us, this country amazes you with its naturalness, color, crazy colors and endless contrasts. Lively, warm eyes, the musicality of the locals, the ability to enjoy every day - make you reconsider your views on problems and difficulties. In many ways, Morocco heals the soul, opens up horizons, and allows you to grow above yourself.

f you decide to explore Morocco with us, then you have to do one very important thing - you must be ready for real adventures, because we have to spend the night in an old kasbah, travel on camels, meet the sunrise in the desert and disappear into the old streets of ancient cities peace.

If you are ready to be surprised and rejoice like children, then feel free to proceed to the program.
Feel free to ask us any questions :)
    It makes no sense to go to Morocco for less than a week, this country is so filled with natural and historical finds that you would not want to miss a lot.
  • A few terms for better understanding :)
    Riad - luxurious Moroccan house or castle with an interior garden or courtyard
    Ksar - ancient clay fortified city
    2-3 people per room
    Finding a cool place to stay in Morocco is an art. We will live in different (authentic) places: we will spend the night in the ancient ksar of Ait Ben Haddou (UNESCO list), we will stay in the most beautiful riads and meet the sunrise in the desert in the Berber camp.
    Travelling by car
    And some camel rides :)
    We all arrive in this city, the journey begins!
    7-9 people
    We prefer to travel in small groups so that each traveler is comfortable and we can always make time for you
1290 euros per person
Early booking (until November) - 1190
Prepayment for early booking 10%
Prepayment for normal booking (From November) - 50%
(refundable if canceling a month in advance)
Full payment 3 weeks before the tour
  • All travel expenses in Morocco (car rental, toll roads, fuel, car insurance)
  • Accommodation along the entire route with breakfast
  • Festive dinner at the Berber camp
  • Camel ride in the desert during sunset
  • Full support at all stages of the journey
  • Photo report
Not included
  • Air travel to Morocco
  • Lunches and dinners
  • insurance
  • Visas
DAY 1 (December 29)
Arriving in Marrakech
We gather a group and wait for all participants of the trip, those who arrive in advance will have time to enjoy the charm of the "terracotta pearl" of Morocco.

Free time

We dedicate this day to the city, which contains all the exotic charm of North Africa. The combination of museums, ancient palaces and modern galleries makes it very attractive. Marrakesh has been inspiring designers from all over the world for years with bold colors, unusual combinations of textures and distinctive style. The labyrinths of the Medina (the old part of the city) hide all the main sights of the terracotta city. Here you will find the tombs of the Saadian sultans, the Koutoubia tower, the palaces of Bahia and El Badi, as well as the majestic pearl - the Ali Ben Youssef Madrasa. A walk through the noisy streets and bazaars will give you interesting meetings with sellers of luxurious clothes and babush (local shoes) craftsmen. Here you can find handmade oriental jewelry, carved furniture, stylish carpets and many decor ideas.

In the evening we will gather in our riad, get to know each other better and discuss plans for the upcoming trip.
DAY 2 (December 30)
Ait Ben Haddou
Have you ever lived in a building that is over 1,500 years old?! On this day we will touch history.

We will wake up early in the morning and go for a delicious Moroccan breakfast. We have yet to appreciate the hospitality of this country, its food, customs and culture :)

Closer to 9 we will leave the riad, say goodbye to Marrakech for a while and head towards the High Atlas Mountains.

We are waiting for a meeting with a real miracle - ksar Ait-Ben-Haddou.

It appeared presumably in the 11th century to protect the caravan route. This is a stunning example of the architecture of Southern Morocco. Here the buildings on the hill are surrounded by high city walls. The almond trees that surround this area give it beauty and splendor, and a beautiful river valley lies nearby.

We will spend the rest of the day here, walking around and exploring the ksar from the inside, we will spend the night outside the fortress walls. And the next day we will get up early to meet the sunrise and see all the shades of red and orange.
DAY 3 (December 31!)
Canyons, gorges, red rocks, sands and ... New Year's Eve
On this day, a lot of magic will happen to us.
An early breakfast on the terrace overlooking the awakening city will give us strength.

We are ready to go to Dades Gorge.

This place is considered one of the most beautiful in Morocco, it is located in the eastern part of the high Atlas Mountains, near the town of Tinghir. Here the rivers Todra and Dades have carved a narrow canyon. The Dades Gorge stretches for several tens of kilometers of the river route through the mountains, taking on the most breathtaking form, and the clean and smooth side rocks rising 200-500 meters on each side change color from purple to copper. The R704 highway runs along the entire gorge. Colorful serpentine deservedly makes this road one of the most beautiful mountain roads in the world.

Toward evening we will arrive in the city of Merzouga. Here we will leave our car, pack our backpacks for the night and transfer to camels. Yes, we are in for a real desert adventure! Our caravan leaves for the Berber camp. We will make our way through the sand dunes and watch the sun go down and turn the sands into the brightest colors of red.
The desert is a special place that enchants and harmonizes
  • Overnight at a secluded campsite in the middle of the desert
  • Festive New Year's Eve dinner... oh what delicious food in Morocco
  • Dancing around the fire to the music of the Berbers - the nights in the desert are cold, let's move :)
  • Milky way overhead and billions of stars, so many wishes can be made...

All these bright moments will add to our program an unforgettable experience of a lifetime and make the night and the beginning of the year special. It will be an unforgettable experience that we will remember for a long time)
4 (January 1)
Sunrise in the desert, monkeys and evening Fes
Today we will wake up with the first rays of the sun to admire the sunrise in the desert. Trust us, it's an incredible sight. When you watch how the first rays of light appear on the sands, grow and flare up, how the dunes turn from dull and cold into ruddy, pink and tender, it seems that you touch a miracle, you become part of this miracle.

Having met the dawn, we will have breakfast and go back to Merzouga.

Our next goal is the city of Azru and its inhabitants - monkeys.

Let's see these active animals and admire the cedar forests. It is possible that snow will fall in these places.

In the evening we will arrive in Fes. One of the most interesting cities in Morocco. We will spend the night in a beautiful riad.
DAY 5 (January 2)
Fes is perhaps the most charismatic city in Morocco!

Fes is the oldest of Morocco’s imperial cities and has served as the country’s capital no fewer than three times throughout its history. It was founded in 789 by the first sultan of the Idrisid dynasty, although many of its most famous landmarks date back to the 13th and 14th centuries, when the city reached the height of its influence during the rule of the Marinids.

Today, it is one of the most authentic cities in Morocco, known around the world as a center for traditional artists and artisans. Fez is divided into three sections—the original old town or medina, Fes el-Bali; Fes el-Jedid, built to accommodate the city’s expanding population in the 13th century; and the contemporary Ville Nouvelle quarter.
What to do in Fes?
Walk through the labyrinths of the Medina and see the oldest functioning educational institution in the world
Try to find your way back
Visit the oldest bazaar and go shopping
Fez has the largest selection of lamps, candlesticks, ottomans, carpets and other interior items
Watch the many artisans
Fez honors the traditions of the local
Visit local dye houses
This is the most atmospheric place in the city. And, it is not for the faint of heart, because it is there that the skins are dyed and processed after dressing. The smell will turn anyone's head :)
Medina of Fez - Old Fez as an open-air monument of history
All the most interesting is concentrated in the old part of the city, which in Morocco is called the Medina. Medina is a walled city, it grew out of the sand many centuries ago and has not changed much since then, continuing to live its own life according to its own rules and laws.

The oldest part of the city of Fes El Bali - its pedestrian medina is recognized as a UNESCO heritage and is the largest medina in the world! In fact, it is a monument of the history and culture of Morocco, inside which are collected palaces, madrasahs, ancient riads and mosques.

Overnight in Fes.
DAY 6 (January 3)
All shades of blue. Volubilis and Chefchaouen
In the morning we will have breakfast in Fes, say goodbye to this beautiful city and hit the road.

The first point of our plan is Volubilis. This city was once the most southwestern city of the Roman Empire, and now only ruins remain of it. They are considered the best preserved ancient ruins in Morocco, and therefore deserve a separate visit.

We will spend about an hour in Volubilis and arrive in Chefchaouen by lunchtime.
Chefchaouen (Chaven) is one of the most memorable and beautiful cities in the world. A blue city on the slopes of the Reef Mountains, which captures the interest of travelers and especially encourages creative people and photographers to travel. In 2015, Mark Zuckerberg, inspired by the city, used his image for new Instagram features.

The whole secret is in mysterious blue shades. Many legends are associated with the color of the city. Some argue that he owes this appearance to the Andalusian Jews expelled from Spain and settled in this city. They painted the houses blue, convinced that it was the closest thing to the color of the sky, reminiscent of God. Today, there are almost no Jews left in the city, but the locals continue the tradition of regularly updating the walls with blue paint.
Against a blue background, pots with bright flowering plants look very impressive, as well as paintings, djellabs (Berber robes made of wool with a hood), and handmade carpets.

We will spend the whole day in the city, watch the sunset on one of the city's famous terraces and stay overnight in a riad.
DAY 7 (January 4)
Let's go to the sea! Lunch in Casablanca
On this day, we are waiting for the return road to Marrakesh, but we cannot drive past the sea. Therefore, we will stop in Casablanca for lunch.

We will choose the best fish restaurant on the first line and enjoy the taste of the freshest seafood and the sea breeze.

Let's go to the beach, daredevils will be able to swim (the water temperature in winter is about 17 degrees), or just get their feet wet.

In the evening we will return to Marrakech.
DAY 8 (January 5)
Saying goodbye to Morocco
On this day, we all fly home, full of wonderful impressions, amazing stories, having found new friends and experienced incredible emotions.

Yes, this year will be unforgettable :)
Despite the fact that we are going to an African country, it is necessary to take warm clothes, especially for spending the night in the desert.
Sunglasses, backpack (for desert)
The documents
Passport (or other documents), cash (and card), telephone, health insurance
Photo equipment
There is something to photograph in Morocco, be sure to take cameras, phones, chargers for all gadgets with you
We take a first aid kit with us. Bring personal medications with you if you need them.
Personal hygiene
Hygiene pomade, sunscreen, toothbrush, wet wipes, paper tissues, toothpaste
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