Christmas tour to Iceland. Northern lights hunting

Iceland winter 24
December 22-26

What awaits us on the journey?
A place that has become our second home
We lived and worked in Iceland, communicated with the locals, which allowed us to plunge into the culture and customs of the country, to collect unique contacts of local farmers and artisans. We'll show you Iceland the way we love it

Only in this unique journey in just 5 days we will see the wild nature of the island, visit protected places, feel all the "charms" of the northern weather, try the local cuisine, walk on a glacier, see many waterfalls and try hunting Northern lights!
Icelandic horse Northern light

Top Impressions of Traveling to Iceland in Winter

See and fall in love! On our journey we will try to feel and understand the real Iceland, discover the soul of the island and, of course, catch the northern lights.

Let's try to hunt for the northern lights!

We will live far from the city so that the light does not prevent us from seeing this beauty, every evening we check the forecast, cross our fingers and, if we are lucky, we rush to the nearest points where the probability of seeing this magic is higher!

See the wild nature of Iceland

We will walk along lava fields, geothermal zones, the ocean coast and stand above the abyss

Bathe in hot springs

Let's go to the most famous spa Blue or Sky Lagoon

Let's hug the Icelandic horses (fall in love with their charms)

Icelandic horses are unique and the only breed that lives on the island. Incredibly cute and beautiful creatures with long manes and bangs to the nostrils

We will buy souvenirs and real Icelandic sweaters lopapeysa

Northern things always carry a special warmth and comfort

We will visit protected places

We will walk in the national parks and see the wonders that the island contains

We will see many waterfalls

Iceland is a country of waterfalls, there are so many of them on the island that it will take a month to see them all

Let's try the most delicious fish soup and special local hot dogs

We will try local cuisine, from gourmet restaurants to simple street food

Let's take cool photos on the black beach

We love to take photographs and take a professional camera with us

Let's feel all the "charms" of northern weather

Take warm clothes and be prepared for windy and snowy/rainy weather :)


Feel free to ask us any questions :)
    5 days (4 nights)
    Our itinerary is designed for 5 days and 4 nights
    We are waiting for a lot of adventures and activities. We will try to see the maximum beauty in such a short period of time
    Chalets and apartments
    We will spend the night in nice houses

    Attention! in almost all accommodation options, showers and toilets are located on the floor. It's a feature of the island.
    Travelling by car
    We will move by car from one point of the route to another,see the passes and walk along the lava fields

    Car for 9 people
    We arrive in the capital of Iceland and finish our route there.
    7-9 people
    We prefer to travel in small groups so that each traveler is comfortable and we can always make time for you
Northern lights in Iceland
1490 euro per person
Prepayment of 50% (non-refundable 1 months before departure) at the rate at the time of payment for the tour
Full payment for the tour 1 months before the start
  • All travel expenses (car rental, toll roads, fuel, car insurance)
  • Accommodation in hotels (2 people per room)
  • Breakfasts
  • Sauna and hot tube
  • Full support at all stages of the journey
  • Photographer in tour
Not included
  • Flight (we help you find convenient tickets)
  • Food (lunch and dinner)
  • Blue/ Sky Lagoon (start from 60 euro)
Northern lights in Iceland



Journey begins

Group meeting in Reykjavik. We will devote this day to getting to know the Christmas city and walking along its cozy streets. Of course, we will try the local cuisine!

Reykjavik will be decorated and filled with a Christmas charm and celebration atmosphere. Trolls are dancing on the walls, lots of lights, and an impressive Christmas cat who will be looking for the bad kids. Reykjavik is a small but interesting city, unlike other world capitals. The very tiny historical center with wooden houses looks cozy and cute. The wide stone embankment and unusual Scandinavian sculptures give the city contrast and modernity. In our opinion, the most exciting activity will be searching for a variety of graffiti scattered throughout the streets of Reykjavik.

Reykjavik in winter is especially charming; it is during the cold months that its Nordic Scandinavian spirit is clearly felt here.

Those interested in seeing whales in their habitat can take a whale safari from the local port.

We will have dinner at the best local restaurant in the evening and try delicious food. Let's get acquainted and discuss plans for the entire trip.

Overnight in Reykjavik in good hotel with breakfast.
Journey through the golden circle of Iceland
This day will be filled with natural wonders.

The first thing we will go to look at is the crater of the Kerid volcano, yes, this is a real volcano crater, it is not big, but very picturesque. We will go around it in a circle and look inside.

Our next stop is Thingvellir National Park, the only UNESCO site in Iceland. The park is located right between the European and North American tectonic plates and is famous for its natural beauty. This is the best place on the planet to see the edges of these two continents. The Icelandic Parliament, the oldest functioning parliament in the world, the Althingi, was founded here.

After lunch, we will try to catch the huge Geysir geyser, which gave its name to all other similar phenomena on the planet :)

It's mostly dormant now, but the nearby Strokkur Geyser erupts roughly every 5 minutes. This spectacle is truly impressive. The land around is painted in different colors, and hot springs are found at every turn.

The fourth natural wonder of the day is the full-flowing and powerful waterfall Gullfoss. Gullfoss is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland. Its size and power are amazing. You can admire it from several viewing platforms.

After a busy day, we go to our cozy hotel. Use sauna and hot tubes and relax.

We check the application for the probability of northern lights.
We explore the southern coast of Iceland, waterfalls, and a glacier!
We will start our day with a visit to the glacier, we will see it very close, so close that you can touch its icy black and blue steep walls. We will have lunch at a local restaurant and continue to explore the south. Next up are the three breathtaking waterfalls Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss and Nautusagil. These waterfalls are very different and each of them is incredibly beautiful.

Closer to dusk, we will head to the Raufarholscheller lava tunnel. Traveling to Raufarholshellir is a unique experience and a great opportunity to see the volcanic eruptions from the inside, walking along the lava trail formed during the eruption of the Leytahraun volcano (about 5200 years ago) you will feel like real explorers. Every winter, impressive ice sculptures form at the entrance of the cave, making visiting the lava tunnel even more exciting.

Today is our Christmas party, so we will have a nice dinner, a spa and a chance to see the Northern Lights as a fabulous gift :)

We check the application for the probability of northern lights.


Horses! Black beach and ocean

This day will give us vivid emotions and beautiful views. We will start our day at the Fjadrargljufur canyon. This place impresses with its sheer cliffs and relic mosses. We will walk along the path above the turbulent river and listen to the sound of water and the songs of the wind. Here you can get to know the real Iceland.

Then we will go to the small village of Vik, where we will have lunch and taste the delicious local cuisine.

Then, we will discover the famous black beaches with basalt columns of Reynisfjara and the sheer cliffs of Dural. Let's feel the salty drops of the ocean on our faces, let's try to lie down in the wind and stand above the abyss.

In the evening we will visit the interactive Lava Museum. This is a small but very interesting project that completely immerses you in the world of volcanology and sends you back to the origins of Iceland. High-tech and modern - this museum will be of interest to both children and adults. We will also be able to see the structure of volcanoes and really feel what it is like to be in the epicenter of the eruption.

We will have dinner at a local restaurant, or cook dinner ourselves at our hotel, in the evening you can relax in the baths with thermal water.

We check the application for the probability of northern lights. If it's near, let's go hunt


Spa Blue or Sky Lagoon and Reykjanes Peninsula

On this day, we will see the Reykjanes peninsula, and its geothermal zones, we will go to the famous Icelandic resorts - the Blue Lagoon or Sky Lagoon. Here we will rest and have a great time. Let's try the local healing white mud and take cool photos.

After lunch we will go to the airport
Thermal underwear, fleece jacket, membrane jacket, hat, gloves, pants, socks for trekking (or sports)
Swimsuit, sunglasses
The documents
Passport (or other documents), cash (and card), telephone, health insurance
Comfortable trekking boots, preferably already tested on the routes.
We take a first aid kit with us. Bring personal medications with you if you need them.
Personal hygiene
Hygiene pomade, sunscreen, toothbrush, wet wipes, paper tissues, toothpaste
Travel with us
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