Fulfill your dream! Traveling on an OLD STILE CARAVAN Volkswagen T2


1990 euro
Prepayment for booking a place 50% - non-refundable (if the tour is canceled later than 2 months before the trip)
Full payment two months before the trip
  • Full support at all stages of the journey
  • Overnight stays in vintage buses Volkswagen camper (4 beds each)
  • All travel expenses (toll roads, fuel, full vehicle insurance)
  • Photo report from the trip
  • Free surf lesson with early booking!
  • Visa, insurance
  • Food
  • Flignt
  • Additional activities
Your new retro "house"
Day 1
Acquaintance and first impression :)
We are flying to Portugal. We meet and get to know each other, get on our buses and go to the sea. On the way, we will stop by the store and buy local products: fruits, fresh fish, vegetables, and seafood, if you want to try green wine, then we know how to choose it right :) plans and meet a magical sunset by the water. We will have time to fully explore our motorhomes and take lots of cool photos and videos with them in their "natural habitat" :)

p.s. Take cool images, we will create magic.

We fall asleep to the sound of the waves.
Day 2
Seven Hanging Valleys Trail
  • Trailhead: Praia da Marinha, or Praia de Vale Centianes
  • Distance: 12 km out-and-back
  • Time Needed: 4-5 hours out-and-back

This hike will be a real gem of our journey.

If you’re not used to sweeping coastal vistas, blue-green waters that perfectly contrast with the golden sand of countless beautiful beaches, and unique sinkholes that form deep caverns (only accessible by boat), then we can only imagine the sheer joy you’re going to experience as you hike the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail.

This hike is for the whole day

One of the evenings we will definitely stay on the coast to watch the stars.

After a busy day, we return to our caravans and go to the place of the next overnight stay, where we can watch the stars.
День 3
Просыпаемся на побережье, если душа захочет, утром можно будет помедитировать, или заняться йогой. Завтракаем с видом на океан. Сегодня нас ждет Лиссабон, поэтому долго на побережье не задерживаемся, собираем наши автобусы и устремляемся в путь.

Гуляем по городу, катаемся на желтом трамвайчике, восхищаемся архитектурой и невероятными линиями из цветных плиточек, выложенных повсюду. Город увлекает, его хочется понять и прочувствовать. Посвящаем Лиссабону весь день. Поднимаемся на смотровые площадки и любуемся городом в закатных лучах. Ночевать отправляемся к мысу Рока.

Вечером еще раз обсуждаем планы и предвкушаем следующий день)
Day 3
We wake up on the coast, if the soul wants, in the morning it will be possible to meditate, or do yoga. We have breakfast overlooking the ocean. Today Lisbon is waiting for us, so we do not stay long on the coast.
In Lisboa, we go for a walk around the city, ride a yellow tram, admire the architecture and incredible lines of black and white tiles. Lisbon is a lively and beautiful city, you want to understand and feel it. We play the rest of the day.
We definitely try the local cuisine, wine, seafood. Portugal is a very "tasty" country :)

We will spend the night at Cape Roca.

In the evening we once again discuss plans and look forward to the next day)

Day 4
Cabo da Roca and walking to the famous Beach Praia da Ursa (Azenhas do Mar Coastal Trail)
  • Starting Point: Cabo da Roca
  • Ending Point: Azenhas do Mar
  • Distance: 11.5 km point-to-point
  • Difficulty: Easy - Moderate

Our route starts from Cape Roca (the westernmost cape of the Eurasian continent). This place is stunning and amazing with its beauty and power of the ocean and waves.

From Cape Roca we will go north along the coast to one of the most beautiful wild beaches in Portugal - Praia da Ursa. This place is magnificent, it breathes with the wind and is washed with sea salt water. Coastal limestone cliffs of the most bizarre forms play with the imagination. Here you just want to sit on the white sandy shore, listen to the sound of the waves and the cries of seagulls.

After a short pause, we will continue to move. We are waiting for new landscapes and impressions. We will walk along a winding path over the ocean, we will go down to the water to look into the very soul of wild beaches.

Our route ends in Azenhas do Mar. It is a small charming village of old white houses floating above the sea. The village is located on a very high, steep rock, at the foot of which the ocean beats fiercely.

On this day, we will definitely try fresh fish caught by local fishermen.
День 5
Surfing, Obidos, Nazare
We will dedicate the morning to the ocean, we will have a surfing lesson or just a rest on the beach, whoever likes it)
We try to stand on the board and catch a wave, learn new things, improve our skills, or relax and sunbathe. After lunch, we suggest you go on an exciting journey through the cozy cities of Portugal.


This village is without a doubt one of the most popular and beautiful of Portugal. No wonder Obidos attracts people from all over the world. Its cute white buildings with colored doors and windows, winding cobbled streets and majestic medieval castle combine to create an incredible image. Here we will try ginja, a local drink that is usually served in chocolate cups.


A small village located in the center of western Portugal. it became known to the whole world thanks to the biggest waves that come in October and disappear at the end of March. One of the stages of the Surfing World Cup is held In Nazare.

It is here that we will meet the sunset and then plunge into the surfing and ocean atmosphere. You will love this place, it has crazy energy and natural power.
Day 6
A day on the coast
We drive towards the south coast and explore the beaches and secret lagoons, we will not rush, we will look at the most beautiful lookouts, see many breathtaking views, walk along the capes and swim in the ocean.

We will also see part of the famous Fisherman's Trail in Portugal. More than 200 km long, the "Fishermen's Trail" runs along the Natural Park of the southwest of Alentejo and Costa Vicentina and is considered one of the most picturesque in the country

. This day will be a real adventure from the 70s, driving along coastal roads and villages, swimming on wild beaches, catching happiness and warm pleasant sun.
Day 7
Back to reality
In the morning we swim again and have breakfast overlooking the sea.

This day is reassuring in our trip, so we will focus on the departure time of our group, but we will try to stay in nature and enjoy the warmth once again before returning to cold and gray everyday life.

Our buses will be with us until the evening, so we soak up the retro atmosphere, and take a lot of photos if we didn’t do this before :) We buy souvenirs, say goodbye to Portugal and back home.
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