The Deers and Alpacas of Blatna Castle
+ Horseshoe viewpoint
20.11 - Saturday
Czech republic
Blatna Castle
and Horseshue viewpoint
Nice and fluffy
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  • Time

    8:00 - 18:00

    One day trip
  • Is it possible to go to this trip with children

    This tour is great for families
  • Group size
    7 people

    We prefer to travel in small groups so that each traveler is comfortable and we can always make time for you


Adult 60 euro
Prepayment for booking a place 50%
Full payment on the day of trip
  • Transfer from Prague and back
  • Photo report from the trip
  • Entry to the Castle park (30 kc)
  • Full support at all stages of the journey
not included
  • Lunch
8.00 Departure from Prague)

We will arrive to the castle and visit a cafe with delicious cakes, tea and coffee. Those who want can taste the local beer.

After a short lunch, we will go to see the incredible Castle Park. A lot of beauty will be waiting for us here: funny deers that will ask for carrots and apples, colorful noisy peacocks, fluffy alpacas. We will take a lot of cool photos, walk along the paths of the park and marvel at the ancient oaks that have guarded this place for many years.

The 42-hectare castle park is one of the most beautiful locations in the region. It is opened to the public year-round – in fact, people have been visiting it since the times of Ferdinand Hildprandt.

Franz (František) Hildprandt had the front part of the original game park transformed into an English park. The rear part was kept in its original form with the “sejpy” (remains of gold panning in times past) surrounded by large trees.

The park is filled with streams, bridges, paths and beautiful alleyways.
Today the only building standing in the park is the Empire-style house where the Hildprandt family now resides.
After a walk in the park, we will go to our favorite viewpoint in the Czech Republic.

A beautiful road through the forest will lead us to the rocks and we will see the immovable bend of the river. In this place, everyone wants to stop, be silent and think about the important.
Important questions :)
We can/we can't
  • Can we pet the deers?
    Yes, of course, otherwise it would not be so interesting :) But it all depends on the mood of the fluffy ones, so we will respect the boundaries, we are guests :)
  • Will we have the opportunity to take cool photos?
    Yes, we definitely need to keep this day in memory.
  • Will we see other animals?
    Yes) We will meet a gang of the cutest alpacas, and listen to the strange songs of peacocks.
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Treats for deers
Maybe carrots or apples
For lunch and entry to the park
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