Soft Alpacas
18.09 - Sunday
23.10 - Sunday
20.11 - Sunday
Czech republic
Excursion to the alpaca farm
Soft and fluffy
Trip details
Ask us everything :)
  • Time

    9:00 - 18:00

    One day trip
  • Is it possible to go to the alpaca farm with children

    This tour is great for families
  • Group size
    7 people

    We prefer to travel in small groups so that each traveler is comfortable and we can always make time for you


Adult 1400 kc
Child 1200 kc
Prepayment for booking a place 30%
Full payment on the day of trip
  • Transfer from Prague to the farm and back
  • Farm tour
  • A small master class on spinning wool
  • Tea and coffee
  • Photo report from the trip
  • Full support at all stages of the journey
not included
  • Lunch at the castle
9.00 Departure from Prague)

We are waiting for amazing excursion with a complete immersion in the world of these unique and cute animals. The owner of the farm is an incredible woman who love her work, such people not only inspire, they charge with their energy for a long time.

On the farm, we are also waiting for hot tea and coffee with cookies, and a real master class in wool dressing, we will spin on an old spinning wheel, as our great-grandmothers did :)

After the tour, we will head to the castle, in the restaurant of which we can taste real Czech cuisine. They cook there perfectly

Toward evening we will return back to Prgau
Important questions :)
We can/we can't
  • Can we pet the alpacas?
    Yes, of course, otherwise it would not be so interesting :) But it all depends on the mood of the fluffy ones, so we will respect the boundaries, we are guests :)
  • Will we have the opportunity to take cool photos?
    Yes, we definitely need to keep this day in memory.
  • Will we see any more of the animals?
    Yes) We will meet a gang of the cutest goats, hug a snow-white Shetland pony and talk to a donkey named Lupinek.
What to take with you
Treats for alpacas
Maybe carrots or apples
Lunch at the castle
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