DECEMBER 13-17.12.2023

Author's tour to the Czech Republic. Prague, Cesky Krumlov, excursion to the brewery and Christmas markets

Holidays in the Czech Republic for Christmas, Christmas in Prague. Winter tour to the Czech Republic. Christmas Prague




  • Local cuisine: Christmas carp, real goulash, dumplings and trdelnik
  • A variety of local beers, from dark to light. Moravian wine and many other drinks
We'll see:
  • Ancient castles built in different styles
  • Christmas decorated Prague
  • How exactly do Czechs brew beer?
  • The most cozy town in the Czech Republic - Cesky Krumlov
And also:
  • We will visit Christmas markets in different cities of the Czech Republic
  • Let's take a walk through the old center of beautiful Prague
  • Let's get acquainted with Christmas customs
  • Let's go ice skating with a view of evening Prague
  • Let's buy the most beautiful souvenirs
  • Let's take a ride on an ancient steam locomotive through the winter forest
Пиран, Словения тур в Словению


790 euro

Prepayment for booking a place 50% - non-refundable (if the tour is canceled later than 2 months before the trip)
  • Transfers according to the program
  • Accommodation in hotels (2-3 people per room), for single travelers we select a couple to stay with.
  • Full support every step of the way
  • Excursion to the Velkopopovitsky kozel
  • Excursion to the most beautiful viewpoints in Prague
  • Photo report
  • Visa, insurance
  • Food
  • Entrance fees to castles
Пиран, Словения тур в Словению
Day 1
The most beautiful views of Prague
We will meet you at the airport and go to the center of Prague, we will have lunch in a cozy restaurant, where we will immediately begin to get acquainted with local customs and traditions, namely Czech cuisine.

After enjoying the food and tasting original drinks, we will go for a walk around the city. We will not delve into history, but we will show you our favorite views of Prague, visit the most atmospheric observation decks and walk through the most cozy streets of the city. In the evening we’ll check out the Christmas market, because it’s after dark that it becomes fabulous and atmospheric. Here we will try the most delicious trdelnik - a national delicacy, and take many beautiful photos, buy souvenirs and products of local artisans. Let's listen to Orloy beat and make our deepest wishes. Orloy is the third oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest still in operation.

We will have dinner in an authentic setting and go to the hotel to relax.
Day 2
Hluboka nad Vltavoy and Czech Krumlov
Today we will travel outside of Prague.

Our first destination is the snow-white, fairy-tale castle of Hluboka nad Vltavou. It is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful and interesting castles in Europe.

Hluboka nad Vltavou is a beautiful castle complex located in Southern Bohemia, near Ceske Budejovice. He proudly looks at the full-flowing Vltava from the height of an 83-meter cliff. Outwardly, it is very reminiscent of the English Windsor Palace, from which it was in some way copied.

Its snow-white walls, jagged towers and lacy balconies, framed by the greenery of a magnificent park, resemble the scenery of a historical film. Yes, Gluboka looks deliberately cinematic, even, one might say, cartoonish (an ideal residence for Disney Princesses), but this only adds to its charm in the eyes of admiring tourists.

We will have a walk through the castle park, enjoying the views that open from the height of its walls. Those who wish will be able to visit the castle itself and get acquainted with its rich history.

Next we will go to one of our favorite cities - Cesky Krumlov.
Czech krumlov
180 kilometers from Prague, not far from the Austrian border, is one of the most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic - Cesky Krumlov. On one hill there is a castle, on the other there is a Gothic tower of the Church of St. Vita, and between them there are winding streets and ancient houses. The meanders of the Vltava, flowing through the very center of the town, and the foothills of the Šumava and Blansko forest in the background make the picture even more picturesque.

We will walk through the cozy streets of the city, visit the Christmas market, try local dishes in a very atmospheric setting and take many beautiful photos. We have to climb to the castle observation deck to see one of the most beautiful views of the city.

We will return to Prague in the evening
Day 3
We ride on an old locomotive through the winter forest and walk around Karlovy Vary

Today we will spend a couple of hours in Germany, experience vivid childhood emotions and plunge into the atmosphere of Harry Potter :)

Early in the morning we leave Prague for a small mountain village in Germany, where a real adventure awaits us, we will ride on ancient steam locomotives. The railway passes through hills, small atmospheric villages and pine forests. We will board warm and cozy carriages and go back to childhood. We will get out of the cars and watch how the locomotive releases lush clouds of steam, puffs and honks at passers-by, we will take many photos and videos.

For lunch we will go back to the Czech Republic, to the town of Karlovy Vary.

Karlovy Vary
We will devote our time here to our health and mental balance. We will walk around the cozy resort town, explore its streets, breathe fresh air and enjoy healing water from medicinal springs.

Karlovy Vary is the most famous resort in the Czech Republic, located in the western part of the historical region of Bohemia, in a unique place where three rivers - Ohře, Teplá and Rolava - merge together. Here, among the picturesque mountainous terrain, 12 springs with healing mineral water come to the surface of the earth.

These places have been inhabited since prehistoric times. The founder of the resort city of Karlovy Vary is considered to be the most famous Czech king and at the same time the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV.

This place perfectly combines the aesthetics of urban architecture and the beauty of natural landscapes. We will walk along forest paths and climb the high hills that surround the city on all sides, then have lunch at a local restaurant, try the famous Czech waffles and take atmospheric photos.

In the evening we will return to Prague, where we can again walk around the evening city.
Day 4
Karlštejn Castle, excursion to the brewery and evening skating rink in the center of Prague
On this day we will again travel outside of Prague to see the beautiful Gothic castle of Karlštejn, built by Emperor Charles IV in the 14th century. The best court craftsmen were invited to decorate it; it was one of the most representative fortresses, intended to store the Czech royal regalia, imperial insignia and relics collected by Charles IV. The castle was built on the terraces of a 72-meter-high limestone rock above the Berounka River.

The nature around the castle is also incredibly beautiful, the fortress is located in a hilly area on rocks, and is surrounded by magnificent forests.

After lunch, we will have an excursion to the brewery, because the Czech Republic has always paid special attention to this drink. We will go to the Velkopopovitsky Kozel factory. Historical references to the brewery in Velké Popovice date back to the 14th century, with many of them already praising the high quality of Velké Popovice beer. On the excursion you will learn about the history of the drink, taste the freshest beer, see all stages of production, and after visiting the bottling line you will meet the plant’s mascot - Olda the goat :)

In the evening we go ice skating in Prague. We are guaranteed an atmosphere of celebration and magic. Prague skating rinks are always cozy and take us back to childhood.
Day 5
Visit to the Fashion Arena outlet center
On the last day, you will have the opportunity to walk around Prague again, and those who wish will be able to visit the largest outlet center, the Fashion Arena, which brings together all the world’s famous brands. A variety of goods at very reasonable prices is a good opportunity to buy gifts for loved ones and prepare for the New Year.

After lunch, you will be transferred to the airport.
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