Song of Ice and Fire

September - individual tour for amazing people :)
What awaits us on the journey?
A place that has become our second home
Once upon a time, we dreamed of visiting Iceland, seeing its hot lands and icy beaches, we wanted to understand this unusual country. And, apparently, we dreamed so much that we ended up on the island not just as guests, we stayed to work there and learn the culture of this country. We plunged into the very essence of the north, lived on a farm and worked with small horses, traveled, went to the mountains, valleys, discovered waterfalls, canyons and caves. We avidly explored the island and fell unconditionally in love with it. Iceland is a different, unique world and we want to show it to you!
where will the paths take us?
Island of Ice and Fire
unusual beauty
We meet you at the airport and drive to Reykjavik.

Reykjavik is a small but interesting city, unlike other world capitals. A very small historical center with wooden houses looks cozy and cute. The wide, stone embankment and unusual Scandinavian sculptures give the city a contrast. In our opinion, the most exciting activity will be the search for a variety of graffiti scattered throughout the streets of Reykjavik.

In the evening we have dinner together and get to know each other, discuss the trip plan, and analyze the most important points.

Overnight stay in Reykjavik
Reykjavik, Glymur waterfall and sea lions
In the first half of the day we walk around Reykjavik, see its historical center, have lunch at a local restaurant near the waterfront.

After a pleasant lunch, we start in the mountains, we will have a trip to the highest waterfall in Iceland, a walk along the picturesque canyon and the sound of falling water. Glymur is a very beautiful waterfall and definitely worth seeing.

At the end of the day we will see the amazing Ytri tunga beach and its inhabitants - cute sea lions.

We spend the night in a cozy seaside town

wild Wild West

Today there will be many bright emotions!
We will see the famous Kirkjufell mountain and the famous Gatklettur bird colonies.
Then a real adventure awaits us: we make a mini-trek in the Rauðfeldsgjá gorge, where we will have to go through the water, through the rocks and overcome several sections using climb chains.

And crazy end of this day: We will visit the Rotten Shark Family Museum, the most daring will try this strange Icelandic delicacy. We will see how this dish is prepared in practice and talk with people who have been catching sharks for generations.


On this day, we will drive along one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Iceland.
We will circle the westfjords, see the most picturesque places, and stop at the Dynjandi waterfall - a powerful and full-flowing giant. Incredible natural beauty awaits us.

Incredible scenery will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale world altogether. Small fishing villages are sparse and far in-between the rural westfjords. Home to more cute Icelandic sheep than people, the westfjords of Iceland are known for gorgeous sheer cliffs and their winding roads along the sea.

The Red Beach of Rauðasandur
The red beaches of Rauðasandur are one of the best things to see in the westfjords Iceland road trip. Here, the volcanic black sands of Iceland’s iconic beaches turn to red, gold, and sometimes even gray.

Possibly the most magnificent waterfall in all of Iceland, Dynjandi is one of the most famous westfjords attractions. The best part of Dynjandi isn’t just the waterfall, its the full 360 degree view here.
Standing next to Dynjandi will make you feel small. This gorgeous waterfall is absolutely gigantic and grows in size and branches into ”smaller” waterfalls as it stretches toward the sea.

We definitely bathe in hot springs:)

The Hellulaug Pool is a small and shallow pool with stunning views of the westfjords.

Krosslaug Hot Springs are a true hidden gem. Not many people know about this place in the westfjords of Iceland. There are two pools to choose from. One concrete pool 13 x 43 feet was built for locals’ swimming lessons in 1948. The other pool is a smaller natural pool by the seashore.

We spend the night in one of the small villages


We will start the next day with a visit Arctic Fox Center.

Another one of the awesome things to do in the westfjords is to visit the Arctic Fox Center. The Arctic Fox Center is the best place to see the cute, curious foxes of Iceland.
At the center researchers study native foxes, take care of orphan rescue pups and give visitors a close encounter with the resident foxes.

Litlibaer in Skotufjordur
Litlibaer, or ’small farm’, is a cool historical turf house farm stead built in 1895.
The small farm house once used to hold two families, with a total of 22 people sharing the house in 1910. To preserve Iceland’s history the National Museum of Iceland rebuilt the farmstead of 1895.

Valagil Waterfall Hike
This short trek is packed with beauty. We will walk past a valley with dozens of waterfalls, some of which are very large. Valagil waterfall is hidden all the way up until we will get right up in front of it, so we will just keep walking until we can see it. Just a 2-3 hour round trip, hiking in the westfjords is easy enough and well worth the effort.

In the evening we will leave the western fjords and spend the night in a small town.

Akureyri and whales

In the morning we will go to the famous rock called Hvitserkur (or Elephant). We will walk along the coast, take beautiful pictures.

The next point of our journey is the village of Glaumbær. There we will see houses with real peat roofs. Those same traditional Viking houses.

In the afternoon we will arrive at our main point - northern Akureyri, considered one of the oldest fishing towns in Iceland.

It is there that we will have the opportunity to make a 3-hour boat trip to open waters and try to find amazing whales.

Overnight stay in Akureyri
7 Day


Our day will open the Godafoss waterfall, full-flowing and noisy, it is rightfully ranked among the most interesting waterfalls in Iceland.

Next, we will visit the cozy and beautiful Husavik, one of the most photogenic towns on the island - we will take cool pictures and walk along its cozy streets.

We will devote the second half of the day to exploring Lake Myvatn and its environs:
Hverir geothermal area, Grjótagjá cave, where one of the Game of Thrones episodes was filmed, walk along the edge of the Hverfjall volcano crater.

Finish your day with a swim in the hot springs Myvatn Nature Bath

Detifoss, Selfoss and the AMAZING Studlagil Canyon

In the morning we go to the Detifoss waterfall - the most powerful and full-flowing waterfall in all of Europe. We will also see a waterfall Selfoss.

The next point of our route is the magnificent Studlagil canyon with a turquoise river between sheer basalt cliffs. After enjoying the views and having lunch at one of the local restaurants, we will continue our journey along the southeast coast.

Another amazing place awaits us - a black sandy beach surrounded by the ocean and high cliffs.

At the end of the day, in the rays of the setting sun, we will see the famous Jokulsarlon lagoon with ice floes and the diamond beach.
Black beaches and basalt columns
On this day we will go to see the south coast of Iceland. We will walk along the famous black beach with basalt columns Reynisfjara and visit the sheer cliffs of Dyrholaey.

After lunch, we will head to the amazing Sólheimajökull glacier and spend a couple of hours exploring this magical place.

Then, we are waiting for the breathtaking Skógafoss waterfall and Seljalandsfoss. We can walk behind the waterfall, but let's try not to get too wet!)

In the evening we spend the night in a small town
10 DAY

We are driving along the golden circle of Iceland.

This day will be filled with natural wonders.

The first thing we will go to see will be the Kerið volcano crater, yes, yes, this is a real volcano crater, it is not big, but very picturesque. We will go around it in a circle and look inside.

Our next stop is Þingvellir National Park - the only UNESCO Site in Iceland. The park is located right between the European and North American tectonic plates and is famous for its natural beauty. This is the best place on the planet to see the edges of these two continents. The Icelandic Parliament, the oldest functioning parliament in the world, the Althingi, was founded here. He was in 930 AD. and continues to work in Reykjavik to this day.

After lunch, we will try to catch the huge Geysir geyser, which gave its name to all other similar phenomena on the planet :)

Now it mostly sleeps, but the nearby Strokkur geyser erupts about every 5 minutes. This spectacle is truly impressive. The land around is painted in different colors and hot springs are found at every step.

The fourth natural wonder of the day is the full-flowing and powerful Gullfoss waterfall. Gullfoss is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland. Its size and power are staggering. You can watch it from several viewing platforms.

After a busy day, we will go to the place of an overnight stay.
11 DAY
Deep into the island. Bright day!
We start our morning with a walk to the valley of rivers and waterfalls.
The path will lead us through the northern forest, and we will find ourselves in the real world of water. Many streams cascade down from high cliffs and create a whole harmony of sounds - this is how Iceland sounds. We will take a photo, taste the most delicious water, and meditate a bit (if necessary).

Our next destination is Iceland's second largest waterfall (and also our favorite) - Háifoss. Yes, this place leaves a deep impression and amazes us with its scale. We will have a picnic with a view of the Grand Canyon, lunch in such a beautiful place is a special pleasure.

After lunch, we will go to the Landmannalaugar valley, where colored mountains and a bright crater with red sands are hidden from the eyes. We climb to the very top to see the Ljotipollur lake in all its glory and the famous colorful landscapes.

Happy and full of impressions, we go to the hotel to spend the night.
12 DAY
The hot springs
Therefore, we will go to the valley of the hot rivers Hveragerdi. A beautiful hike awaits us through colored hills and a geothermal area with geysers and bright clays, at the end of the path we will stop in a cozy place surrounded by high mountains. Here the hot rivers of the valley originate. The most interesting thing is that each of us will decide for himself where to swim, if you like hotter water, you can take a place upstream, where the hot stream connects with the cold, if you want to plunge into refreshing water - go down with the flow.

An alternative to a wild spring can be the Blue Lagoon, which is popular all over the world. We will make this choice together, having consulted.

After lunch we return to Reykjavik, walk around the city, buy souvenirs, and send postcards to family and friends. We celebrate the end of our trip with dinner.
13 DAY
Way home
You can spend time before the flight in Reykjavik or go for a short walk in the vicinity, we will discuss the program with the group, let's see what time someone flies.

We say goodbye to Iceland and return home.
Thermal underwear, synthetic T-shirts, fleece jacket, membrane jacket, hat, gloves, pants, socks for trekking (or sports)
Swimsuit, sunglasses
Trekking poles
Small backpack for going out
The documents
Passport (or other documents), cash (and card), telephone, health insurance
Comfortable trekking boots, preferably already tested on the routes.
We take a first aid kit with us. Bring personal medications with you if you need them.
Personal hygiene
Hygiene pomade, sunscreen, toothbrush, wet wipes, paper tissues, toothpaste
Travel with us
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